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Story Leather Inc.

WongFa Miniature Qilin Stone Figurines

WongFa Miniature Qilin Stone Figurines

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WongFa Qilin Miniature Stone Figurines

Add a touch of Chinese culture and symbolism of fortune and wealth to your desk workspace with our pair of Qilin (麒麟) statues. Qilin, or Kirin, is mythical creature with hooves and a single horn per Chinese mythology. In Chinese Feng Shui, Qilins are believed to symbolize wisdom, fortune, prosperity, and long life. TWe have designed this pair of modernized "cute-fied" version of the Qilin to bring you fortune and wealth wherever you set this pair of stone figurines.

Dimensions of Each Figurine:

Height: 3.1-in. (7.9cm)
Width: 2.4-in. (6.1cm)
Depth: 2.6-in. (6.8 cm)
Weight: 7-oz. (200g)

Quick History of Qilin

The Qilin is a mythical creature that has a dragon's head with one or two antlers, a deer's or horse's body, an ox's tail, and a carp's scales. It is known in China and other Asian cultures, but with some differences. The Chi Lin represents all the five elements of Feng Shui (earth, wood, water, metal, and fire), but it is especially connected to fire, so it often has flames around its body. It is the master of all animals and is respected in Buddhism as the bearer of the Book of Law on its back.

In Feng Shui, the Qilin symbolizes longevity, wisdom, celebration, career success, fame, endurance, fertility, and wellness. A Qilin charm can also protect its owner from being deceived or betrayed in business and relationships.

About Story Leather Inc.:

Story Leather is a Los Angeles, California boutique leather goods brand. We specialize in custom handcrafted made-to-order leather goods. Started in 2012, making leather phone cases for the Apple iPhone, we have expanded our product line from phone cases, iPad cases, wallets, to bags, car key covers, and now figurines! We are diversifying out of just leather, and hence the birth of Story & Crafts. Visit here.

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