About Us

Story and Crafts is a brand spun off from Story Leather Inc. (https://www.storyleather.com) that specializes in custom-made leather goods and other crafts. Inspired by our Eastern Asian cultural heritage, we create goodwill keepsakes with a modern twist and a tad of feng shui. Our intention is to craft gifts with meaning and share our tradition with our customers. Whether it's leather or not, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and excellent service.

We believe in carrying and gifting meaningful gifts. All of the products have good-will in mind, check back often as we will continue to launch products every month.

FooHa Guardian Foo Dogs

Products with meaning & gifts with a purpose.

We are design collective with our roots in leather crafting and custom made goods. We are branching out of leather to further expand our creativity. Our purpose is to create meaningful gifts and gifts that will create a smile for the buyer as well as the recipient of our goods.

We have offices in Los Angeles, California and New Taipei, Taiwan. We are expanding and growing and are always looking for partners. Please email us if you have any questions or interest in joining us.