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Story Leather Inc.

Maneki Neko Golden Cat

Maneki Neko Golden Cat

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Golden Maneki Neko Brass Figurine

Welcome the Maneki Neko Golden Cat as your good luck charm! This beautiful Japanese-inspired cat figurine is made with solid brass and red leather cape, providing you with a luxurious look that will bring good fortune and confidence. Meticulously crafted and perfect for gifting or decorating your tabletop, this high-quality figurine is sure to add a special touch to your workspace.

The maneki neko is a Japanese figurine that is often believed to bring good luck and fortune to its owner.

Maneki Neko Figurine Dimensions:

H 1.7-in. (4.4cm)
W 0.9-in. (2.3cm)

What is the Maneki Neko?

The maneki neko is commonly displayed at the entrances of businesses, such as shops and restaurants, to attract customers and money. The maneki neko may have different colors, features, and accessories depending on the type of luck or blessing it represents. The origin of the maneki neko is uncertain, but there are several legends and stories about how it came to be. 

About Story Leather Inc.:

Story Leather is a Los Angeles, California boutique leather goods brand. We specialize in custom handcrafted made-to-order leather goods. Started in 2012, making leather phone cases for the Apple iPhone, we have expanded our product line from phone cases, iPad cases, wallets, to bags, car key covers, and now figurines! We are diversifying out of just leather, and hence the birth of Story & Crafts. Visit here.

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