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Story Leather Inc.

Golden Turtle Green Leather Keychain - 2024 Edition

Golden Turtle Green Leather Keychain - 2024 Edition

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Optional Add-on for Fortune Well and Red Leather Mat

Golden Turtle for Year of Golden Dragon 2024 - Health and Longevity

In the Year of the Golden Dragon 2024, we've employed a new techniques to craft these adorable turtles, using solid pure brass to bring out their delightful charm. With three distinct wish-themed turtles available, paired with red, pink and green leather cover, our aim is to ensure that everyone enjoys a joyous and fortunate journey in the Year of the Dragon 2024!

In the Year of the Golden Dragon, we proudly present three wish-themed turtles:

  1. Wealth Guardian Turtle (with red leather cover): For those looking to safeguard their wealth and fortune.
  2. Blessings Turtle (with pink leather cover): For those in pursuit of good fortune and harmony.
  3. Health Turtle (with green leather cover): For those aspiring to better health and wellbeing.

The Health Turtle features the Chinese character "壽" for "longevity" above the turtle's shell, symbolizing the longevity and good health. We wish for everyone to enjoy a healthy 2024 in the Year of the Golden Dragon.

This golden turtle is paired with a vibrant green leather cover, exuding youthful energy. The front displays a combination of characters "長樂永康" meaning "long-lasting happiness and health". With this keyring design, it's easy to carry with you wherever you go, and we hope it brings good health and happiness into your life in 2024!

Turtle Dimensions:

Length: 0.8-in. (2.1cm)
Width: 0.5-in. (1.3cm)
Depth: 0.2-in. (0.6cm)

Optional Add-on

In the Year of the Golden Dragon 2024, we've designed an adorable "Fortune Well" exclusively for the Little Turtles. This tabletop decoration is the perfect home, display stand for the golden turtle, and comes with a red leather pad. Crafted from green sandstone, it's an ideal addition if you want to place your turtle in a wealth position. Please note that the "Fortune Well" is only available as an add-on and cannot be purchased separately. It's available for an additional $15.

Elevate your style and invite blessings into your life with our "Little Turtle Series" - a harmonious fusion of tradition, craftsmanship, and heartfelt wishes.

Height: 1.1-in. (2.7cm)
Width: 1.3-in. (3.4cm)
Depth: 1.3-in. (3.4cm)

About Story Leather Inc.:

Story Leather is a Los Angeles, California boutique leather goods brand. We specialize in custom handcrafted made-to-order leather goods. Started in 2012, making leather phone cases for the Apple iPhone, we have expanded our product line from phone cases, iPad cases, wallets, to bags, car key covers, and now figurines! We are diversifying out of just leather, and hence the birth of Story & Crafts. Visit here.

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