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Story Leather Inc.

Gee & Lee Miniature Gate Guardian Stone Figurines

Gee & Lee Miniature Gate Guardian Stone Figurines

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Stone Gate Guardian Mini Figurines

Cats and dogs have always been our favorite companions but did you know that they are also symbols of prosperity and harmony?

Introducing Gee & Lee the Gate Guardian symbolizing Fortune and Prosperity. Inspired by the concept of door guardians, we used adorable dog and cat figures as the core elements of cuteness and crafted the miniature figurines from exquisite blue sandstone. These lovable representations of prosperity and harmony, the dog and cat, stand as guardians of prosperity, inviting good fortune and success.

Gee the Dog for Great Fortune

This charming dog dons the armor of a door guardian, with a mischievous grin that will bring a smile to your face every day. The belt of coins symbolizes unending financial abundance, while the cape emblazoned with the Chinese character '吉' (gee), meaning 'fortune,' adds a touch of flair to your every step.

Lee the Cat for Prosperity

The adorable cat features a contented smile, ensuring that your financial luck knows no bounds. Like the dog, the coin belt signifies an endless flow of riches. The cape adorned with the Chinese character '利' (li), meaning 'prosperity,' ensures that your financial success continues to prosper.

For both "Great Fortune" and "Prosperity," we've included a genuine leather cushion with the Chinese characters '吉' and '利' embossed. We hope that all your endeavors are met with great fortune and smooth sailing prosperity.

Dimensions of Each Figurine:

Height: 3-in. (7.6cm)
Width: 2.1-in. (5.4cm)
Depth: 2.1-in. (5.3 cm)
Weight: 4.5-oz. (153g)

About Story Leather Inc.:

Story Leather is a Los Angeles, California boutique leather goods brand. We specialize in custom handcrafted made-to-order leather goods. Started in 2012, making leather phone cases for the Apple iPhone, we have expanded our product line from phone cases, iPad cases, wallets, to bags, car key covers, and now figurines! We are diversifying out of just leather, and hence the birth of Story & Crafts. Visit here.


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