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Story Leather Inc.

Expo Dragon Tortoise Stone Figurine

Expo Dragon Tortoise Stone Figurine

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Dragon-headed tortoise brings wealth and fortune to you. Holding a golden bucket, filled with abundant riches, smiling with joy, making you and your bank account smile.

We present "Expo the Dragon Tortoise." The dragon tortoise is an ancient mythical creature, also known as Xuanwu (玄武). Our design features the dragon tortoise holding a golden bucket overflowing with ingots, symbolizing exploding wealth and overflowing prosperity. The body of the "Explosive Gold Dragon Tortoise" is made of green sandstone, and a genuine leather cushion with the Chinese character for "wealth" (金) is specially designed. We hope that everyone can be blessed with fortune and wealth.

May wealth and fortune open every month,
May your bank account explode with savings every year.

Dimensions of Each Figurine:

Height: 2.7-in. (6.9cm)
Width: 1.8-in. (4.6cm)
Depth: 2.1-in. (5.5cm)
Weight: 4.9-oz. (140g)

Quick History of Xuanwu (玄武)

Xuánwǔ, also known as The Black Tortoise, is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. Despite its English name, it is typically depicted as a tortoise intertwined with a snake. The Chinese term 玄武 used for the Black Tortoise does not explicitly mention either animal. An alternative name, "Black Warrior," "Dark Warrior," or "Mysterious Warrior," provides a more accurate translation.

The Black Tortoise represents the north and the winter season, and therefore, it is sometimes referred to as the Xuanwu or Black Tortoise of the North. In Japan, it is called Genbu. It is believed to protect the city of Kyoto from the north and is one of the four guardian spirits of the city. The Kenkun Shrine, situated atop Mt Funaoka in Kyoto, is dedicated to this symbol.

Interestingly, the creature shares its name with the significant Taoist deity Xuanwu, who is occasionally depicted in the company of a turtle and a snake, as seen in works like "Journey to the West" (link to wikipedia), a Chinese novel published in the 16th century during the Ming dynasty and attributed to Wu Cheng'en. It is regarded as one of the greatest Classic Chinese Novels, and has been described as arguably the most popular literary work in East Asia.

About Story Leather Inc.:

Story Leather is a Los Angeles, California boutique leather goods brand. We specialize in custom handcrafted made-to-order leather goods. Started in 2012, making leather phone cases for the Apple iPhone, we have expanded our product line from phone cases, iPad cases, wallets, to bags, car key covers, and now figurines! We are diversifying out of just leather, and hence the birth of Story & Crafts. Visit here.

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