Your 2024 Horoscope in the Year of the Dragon if You are a Tiger

Your 2024 Horoscope in the Year of the Dragon if You are a Tiger

If your zodiac sign is the Tiger, your birth years are 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022. If your birthday falls before February 4th, your zodiac sign should be the Ox, not the Tiger. Zodiac signs are determined by the "Start of Spring" in the solar calendar and are not related to the Lunar New Year date. 

Year of Dragon 2024 Outlook if you are born in Year of Tiger

Tiger Zodiac Sign:

The Tiger is represented by the character "Yin" in the Chinese zodiac. The month corresponding to Yin is the first month in the lunar calendar, which is also the month of the "Start of Spring." It's the early spring month when plants begin to rejuvenate, but the weather remains chilly. According to Chinese astrology's Five Elements, the Tiger belongs to Wood and is Yang Wood. The Tiger symbolizes tall trees in early spring, still carrying a chill in the air with limited warmth.

The Dragon:

The Dragon is a creature that thrives in three environments: on land, in water, and in the sky. It's a mysterious, vibrant, majestic, and intelligent animal. In the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is represented by the character "Chen" and belongs to Yang Earth, specifically high mountain earth. The Dragon's Five Elements include Yin Water, and there are mountain lakes atop high mountains, referred to as reservoirs. When Earth and Water combine, it creates Fire. Dragons are known to breathe fire. There's also Yin Wood, symbolizing small grass, near the reservoir. Being Earth and residing in high mountains, Dragons help Tigers, symbolizing Wood, grow taller and stronger. The Dragon's reservoir keeps the Tiger's Wood evergreen. The Dragon's fiery nature accelerates the growth of Yang Wood.

Five Elements Compatibility:

The Tiger belongs to Wood, while the Dragon belongs to Earth. Wood conquers Earth. Earth represents the Tiger's wealth, while Wood represents the Dragon's authority. When the Tiger meets the Dragon, the Dragon takes charge of the Tiger's career, while the Tiger focuses on wealth. They make excellent career partners. The Tiger becomes the boss, and the Dragon helps the Tiger accumulate wealth.

Within the Dragon, there's Water and Wood. In the Tiger, there's Fire and Earth. Water in the Dragon conquers Fire in the Tiger, and Wood in the Tiger conquers Earth in the Dragon. The Tiger and Dragon balance each other. When they cooperate, each has its role: the Tiger handles diplomacy, and the Dragon handles internal affairs.

Year 2024: Year of the Dragon:

In 2024, which is the Year of the Dragon, if your zodiac sign is the Tiger, here is your forecast for the year:

Tiger and Dragon:

When the Tiger encounters the Dragon, heroes respect heroes, cooperation is seamless, and success is twice as likely. The Dragon gains authority, and the Tiger gains wealth.

Career and Business:

The Tiger belongs to Wood, and Metal controls Wood. "Metal" represents the Tiger's career and work. The Dragon belongs to Earth and lacks Metal. When the Tiger meets the Dragon, the Tiger doesn't pursue authority. Instead, it focuses on increasing wealth. When the Tiger encounters the Dragon, individuals born under the Tiger sign experience minimal work-related stress.

The Tiger's Wood is Yang Wood, representing tall trees that require thick Earth. The Dragon is like a reservoir surrounded by tall mountains, where Water nourishes Wood. In the Tiger's career and business endeavors, they stand out and enjoy stability and success.

When the Tiger meets the Dragon, the Dragon gains authority. The Dragon becomes the CEO, while the Tiger becomes the shareholder. The Dragon helps the Tiger earn money, leading to continuous success. Their cooperation is seamless and mutually beneficial.

Job Changes and Career Moves:

The Dragon belongs to Earth, and Earth represents the Tiger's "wealth." When the Tiger meets the Dragon, it's a year of financial prosperity. Opportunities for job advancement and changes can lead to increased wealth. Therefore, if there's a chance for a job promotion, express your enthusiasm and accept the new position. In the Year of the Dragon, positive changes in your career are likely. After the transition, you'll have the opportunity to shine, enjoying both recognition and financial rewards.

Financial Fortune:

The Tiger belongs to Wood, and the Dragon belongs to Earth, symbolizing tall mountains and rich soil. Wood conquers Earth, and Earth represents the Tiger's "wealth" star. When the Tiger meets the Dragon, income is excellent. The Tiger's ability to generate revenue for the company earns them favor with the boss. Financial prosperity is stable, allowing for rapid wealth accumulation.

Love and Relationships:

The Tiger represents Yang Wood, symbolizing tall trees. The Dragon belongs to Earth, and Wood conquers Earth. If you're male, Earth represents your girlfriend or wife. Single men have a high chance of finding a suitable partner. Those in love enjoy harmonious relationships and sweet love.

Metal conquers Wood, and the Dragon lacks Wood. Metal represents the female partner's boyfriend or husband. Single women may have a lower chance of finding an ideal boyfriend. Unmarried women should spend time with those born in the Year of the Monkey or Rooster to improve their romantic prospects.

Social Popularity:

Both the Tiger and Dragon are leaders with their social networks. When the Tiger meets the Dragon, they expand their excellent interpersonal relationships. While there may be some hidden conflicts when the Tiger and Dragon interact, if misunderstandings arise, ask friends born in the Year of the Rabbit to mediate.

Legal Issues and Litigation:

Tigers may experience some friction in their interactions with others, making disputes more likely. In case of conflicts, disputes, or legal matters, as long as you have a valid and reasonable argument, you're likely to win the case. This is because the Dragon is pleased with your ability to earn money, and with the Dragon's support, you may achieve an overwhelming victory. However, it's still advisable to reach an amicable settlement as soon as possible.


The Tiger's Wood is like tall trees, and the Dragon is like a large pile of soil. Earth supports the growth of Wood, and Earth is one of Wood's sources of nutrition. Since the Dragon also contains Water, which is a source of life for Wood, Tigers in the Year of the Dragon generally enjoy good health. However, if Earth elements are already predominant in your birth chart, pay attention to your digestive system. If you have a lack of Water elements in your birth chart, take care of your kidneys, bladder, and urinary system.

Annual Fortune:

In the Year of the Dragon, Tigers have excellent opportunities for success and wealth. Financial fortunes are abundant, and seizing opportunities is key to capitalizing on them.

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